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Top FIVE Tips On How To Be The BEST Hen Party Planner…

It’s one week before the Hen Party and as the organiser, you have some last minute jobs to do. This can be a particularly stressful time but with this handy tick list, it will be smooth sailing!

1) Group Number Check

A week before at the latest is the best time to do this. Whether this is done via a group e-mail or individual telephone calls, It is essential that you do a last minute check on numbers. Failing to do so could result in a delay at the airport or coach as you wait for someone who annoyingly didn’t let you know in time that they had to cancel,

2) Itinerary Check

A good idea is to create a list beginning with the start date e.g where the group meets and what time and ending with the journey home. In between should include start and end times of each activity you will be doing.

3) Contact Info For Activities

Do you have a contact name and telephone number for each activity you are going to? This is useful if you struggle to find the activity and need to call for directions OR if you are running late and need to let them know what time you will be arriving.

4) A Map Of The City

Technology is fantastic these days and Google Maps on our phone is very useful but as a back up (because we all know we can’t always rely on technology) it’s a good idea to purchase a map of the City you are visiting. This can be done on arrival or at the Tourist Information Centre. The hotel you are staying at may be able to supply you with this also.

5) Keeping the Bride-to-Be in the loop… much as possible!

Most likely, the upcoming Hen weekend has a few surprises for the Bride-to-Be. Will the Bride-to-Be need to wear anything in particular for the activity or will she need to bring certain items with her? Produce a list for the Bride-to-Be of the types of outfits she will need to pack or important items to put in her hand bag. Doing this will make the Bride-to-Be feel confident in your organising and the weekend ahead!

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