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Just click on one of the our top most asked questions below for our response; but of course, if you have one that is different from what’s below, please feel free to contact us on 0800 689 7827.

1. How long does a CoverStar experience last?
Depending on your experience type, sessions start at a minimum of 1.5 hours – 2 hours long. However, extra time can purchased if your group size is large. or you feel you would like more time to record if you have purchased an extra song.

2. How many guests can you accommodate?
We recommend only 32 guests as a maximum due to studio space. However, we are more than happy to arrange for your experience to be held at a function suite or hotel. We will bring the party to you with our portable experience for only £10 extra per person. This is available for 15 guests or over.

3. After we have booked our experience, can we purchase extras for the day?
Of course you can! Please see our terms and conditions for information on this as well as our price guide for extras available.

4. Can I add extra guests?
Yes you can – Please see our terms and conditions for information on this, as well as our price guide for extras available.

5. Can we have directions to the studio?
We will supply you with our address and a map a few days before your experience via e-mail. If you need these details sooner they are available on our website via the ‘Contact us’ page. You are always welcome to call for this information as well. If you are lost finding your way to the studio on the day of your session, please call and we will direct you.

6. I am not a very confident singer, will this affect my experience?
Absolutely not! You are there primarily to have fun, especially in our group experiences. Unless you specifically request a professional style solo experience, the singing is not to be taken too seriously. If you are feeling nervous on the day, your sound engineer will put you at ease and have you feeling relaxed in no time.

7. Can we bring drinks and snacks to the session?
We encourage you to bring drinks and snacks to our kids party experiences. We have a licensed in-house bar that you can purchase alcohol, soft drinks, and light snacks. Due to the value of the professional environment, drinks are to stay in a designated area which your host or sound engineer will show you on the day of your session.

8. Are we allowed to take photos of our experience?
Of course you are, but we would appreciate it if you added a couple to our Facebook page or tag us in any that are posted via social media (Facebook/Twitter). We do offer photos to be taken for you with a professional photographer as an extra– please see our prices page for more information.

9. A few of the guests have dropped out and cannot make the experience date. Can I have a refund please?
Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

10. How soon do I need to put down a deposit for my experience?
Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

11. How far is your studio from the city centre of Liverpool?
We are only a 10 minute walk from the City Centre. If you are wearing heels we advise you arrive in a taxi as it’s a rather steep walk!

12. Are there many restaurants and bars close to your studio?
We are located in the beautiful Georgian Quarter of Liverpool and have many restaurants and bars in the surrounding area. Please e-mail us with a description of the kind of place you are looking for and we will gladly recommend some places to you.

13. Can we purchase extra CDs/DVDs on the day of our session?
Of course you can! Standard CDs are £3 each if an order of 9 or more is placed or £4 on the day.  You can choose to upgrade your standard CD to our exclusive ‘vinyl style’ personalised CD for only £2 each. Extra DVDs are £12 each for fewer than 5 orders. If you order in advance before the day, we offer a 25% discount on all CD orders of 9 or more, and a £2 discount per DVD on orders of 5 or more.

14. I have watched my music video DVD back and there is a problem with it. Can this be fixed please?
Firstly, we do apologise for this. We will contact our video editor ASAP and have this dealt with. Depending on the issue, we will have this fixed for you as quick as possible (within 7 days) and have the DVD sent out to you via 1st class delivery. Please note: the final video edit is a creative process completed by our very experienced videographer – CoverStar will always attempt to provide our customers with the best edit possible. If there is anything specific you would like to be in the final cut before we edit the video, please get in contact and we will ask our videographer to see if this is possible.

15. Once my DVD is ready, can this be delivered for next day delivery?
Our post is sent via 2nd class free of charge. If you are requiring your DVD/any other products sooner than this, you are welcome to pay the difference and we will be happy to send it as next day delivery.

16. I would like to move the date of the experience I have booked. Can I do this?
This may be possible. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

17. Do we need to bring our own lyrics for the song we are singing?
No, we supply you with lyrics via our exclusive ‘on-screen karaoke style’ lyric screen.

18. Can we request for the backing track to be in a certain key?
We purchase the best quality version of the backing track and this only comes in the original key of the song – changing the key may affect the quality. We can create a custom backing track using one of our experienced songwriters – this service costs £60 per track.

19. Can you give us a run through of the session and what will happen throughout?
Please see our ‘How it works’ page for more information.

20. Can we book an experience for any day of the week or time?
Yes, providing we have that date/time available. We operate experiences 3-4 times a day, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day).

21. I would like something bespoke and a little bit more than what you offer in your listed packages. Can I request something not listed?
Please feel free to ask us if you have a particular idea in mind for a party. We are very flexible at CoverStar Experiences and we believe we can cater to whatever ideas you may have – within reason of course!

22. What songs can I choose from?
Generally, we can get hold of any popular song since music began. We purchase tracks on behalf of the customer mostly via ‘Karaoke Version, UK’ which is legally set up regarding copyright to provide backing tracks for these occasions.

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