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Almost 100 – The Director’s Letter

This is a slightly unusual blog post, because I have highjacked our social media’s space this morning to write a letter to you, our customers and staff.

Back when CoverStar Experiences first began in 2013, we set off on a mission to entertain, but not in the traditional sense, we wanted something a little different. Too many times I was hearing people who had experiences, but they seemed to lack the most important ingredient, the experience. So, we challenged this and setup our company to offer alternative experiences that created memories and left people remembering them forever.

Since our conception, our benchmark recording experiences have gone on to entertain the masses; we’ve had guests from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, South America, Romania, Ukraine, France, Spain, Ireland…the list goes on. They have been immensely popular and now we embark on next chapter to introduce more immersive, extraordinary experiences to you.

So, firstly I want to say a massive thank you to you, our customers – without you, we are nothing. You inspire us, you tell us where we go wrong so we can put it right, you put smiles on our faces with your enjoyment and celebrational attitudes – and currently, almost a hundred of you have been so kind to showcase to the world how wonderful we are. This means so much, not from an egotistically point of view, but to know we are doing the right thing, to know that our staff are providing the best experiences for you, thank you once again.

This brings me onto my next point of gratitude, our staff. I can’t express this enough, but we are blessed with such a great team. Every single one of our staff members from those who organise (without naming names, you know who these are!), host, take photos, videos, engineer and the rest of our amazing team are wonderful at what they do, most importantly they care. They enjoy seeing smiles on faces, they like to see positive reviews for themselves, not just for the company. When you can trust and rely on members like this, you know that you are onto something, because the passion that I first had when I started this company has be ingrained in their work ethic. Our staff are the heart and soul of this company, I adore you all for being such good people and helping us reach our goals, thank you.

So, that’s it. Soppiness over. I just feel it is important (as most companies do not) to express gratitude for what you have. I am just a director, I pull the strings and if things go wrong I am the one to blame. What makes this company unique, is it’s ability to attract our great customers and have such talented staff members to make their experiences a reality.

Onwards to our next journey.

Jason Neal | Creative Director |

CoverStar Experiences Ltd

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