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Hot water comedy club

Hot Water Comedy Club

Hot Water Comedy Club attracts large audiences to its two venues in Liverpool. Founded by brothers Paul and Binty Blair in 2010, the club has grown rapidly due to its focus on bringing the best live comedy and supporting new comedians.

Hen party comedy club nights are a wonderful blend of fun, hilarity, and camaraderie, providing a unique platform for pre-wedding celebrations. The main appeal of these events lies in their ability to enjoy laughter, a relaxed atmosphere, and an unforgettable shared experience.

The performers at the award-winning comedy venues in Liverpool have launched many successful careers in the UK’s comedy scene. Hot Water Comedy Club has become known for its ability to spot and nurture new talent, helping many comedians to launch their careers.

Many popular comedians trace their beginnings back to Hot Water, and the club continues to support and nurture brand new comedy all week. Hot Water Comedy Club features a variety of pro acts in its TV shows and live performances, showcasing a range of brand new material.

One of the club’s most popular comedians, resident MC Paul Smith, is known for his irreverent and hilarious style. The club’s original Sunday night new act show led to its rise in popularity, and its iconic Wally Water logo is becoming one of the most recognisable in the UK and around the world.

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