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This year, we delved deep into the mind and experiences of what it’s like to be the Maid of Honour for your best friends wedding. We explored the highs and lows, the comedy and ultimately, the  friendship between two girls.

Thus creating…..

Who want to be a maid of honour?

You’ve heard of Bridezilla’s, but what about the poor Maid of Honour who has to deal with her? Watch as we focus on two best friends as they embark upon a journey to their, I mean the Bride’s, most important day ever!

Watch the relationships spark anger, tears and sly looks as the pressure builds and the battle of the Maid of Honor’s role comes into question with Mother looking to step in and save the day.

Who Wants To Be A Maid of Honor is not just a long title, it’s humour from the Maid of Honor, tension from The Bride To Be and love of the Mum are in a consistant tangle all fighting for one main output, a wedding that runs smoothly – but of course that’s just wishful thinking isn’t?

As you may know or about to have the honour of sharing with the Bride-To-Be, planning a wedding isn’t a simple process. Here is our step by step guide on how NOT to be like Grace and Keira….

No.1 : Asking your Best Friend to be your Maid of Honour

Unlike Grace, we recommend you think this through clearly and thoroughly before asking this question. This is a HUGE responsibility and is the person you’re asking the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, you do have to see this as more of a job role than a beautiful coming together of two friends to plan a special day. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to take up a lot of their life for the next year so think long and hard. Sometimes asking a not so close friend is the best option.

No.2 : The wedding dress

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the same taste. But wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all did? The big reveal of the wedding dress has happened and you do not like what you see. What do you do? However horrible you may consider the dress to be, we reccomend being polite and diplomatic in this situation. Reccomend seeing the other options at the Bridal shop and suggest some other styles. You don’t want your friend in tears…..

No.3: Are you their MAID or Maid of Honour?

Sometimes it may feel like you are being treated like a slave. Our advice, grin and bare it if it happens once…twice maybe but if the below scenary is happening a lot, explain to the Bride-To-Be how you are feeling before it’s too late!

No.4 : Choosing Flowers

Sometimes a task that may have seemed simple, can get out of hand. In this clip we see Kiera shut down and lose all hope. Our advice….suggest taking a break from choosing the flowers, decorations etc and go for a coffee and return in due course….

No.5 : Arguments

Unfortunately, an argument or two will arise but as a Maid of Honour you must be willing to diplomatically express how you are feeling to the Bride-To-Be and possibly her Mother too. It’s important to keep on top of the Bride’s request but explain how you do have a life outide of wedding planning too! Set boundaries early on before things get out of hand….

No.6 : Making up if you fall out

If number 5 happens, It’s important you do this so hug and make-up!

No.7 : The Hen Party

It’s time to let loose and forget all the negativity that may have happened. After all your hard work, it’s time to celebrate and rekindle that best friend flame because that’s what’s really important!

Final Note

It’s important to express yourself throughout this process and get things off your chest. We recommend you do this sooner rather than later or your thoughts may get out of hand…..

Maids of Honour…GOOD LUCK!

An interview with the Bride-To-Be, Grace:

And the Maid of Honour, Kiera:

For the full promo advert featuring Grace and Kiera. Watch it here…..

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