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Visit A World War II Bunker

Visit A World War II Bunker

The Liverpool War Museum is dedicated to sharing the history of World War as it impacted the great city long ago. Also called Western Approaches, visitors can spend hours discovering hidden rooms and a wartime bunker which will help illustrate how the British Armed Forces led the Allies to victory.

Besides getting to visit a simulated war room which is full of detail, children and adults alike can see just what it was like for WAAF and WRNS as they worked day and night in the Map Room to win the Battle of the Atlantic. The Map Room is an authentic piece of history and has not been touched since it closed in August of 1945.

Liverpool was under siege during World War II and the museum pays tribute to all those who sacrificed. Today visitors can really get an appreciation for those times by trying on gas masks or military hats. To make the experience even more visceral, there is an Anderson air-raid shelter to go into and a bombed-out room to enter. Visitors of all ages will get to step into history and have a greater understanding of what it was like to live in wartime Britain.

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