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GamEscape In Liverpool

Located at 193 Upper Frederick street, GamEscape is a world-class environment for those looking to have a good time out in Liverpool. This is a robust location with a set of escape rooms designed to intrigue the mind for hours.

1) Corporate Games
2) 60-Minute Escape Rooms
3) Host of Problems/Puzzles/Locks
4) And More!

This is a one-stop environment for those looking for fun times with colleagues, family members, friends, and even work colleagues. Each well-designed room will keep you puzzled until you find a way out. It is an enthralling setup and is one that is going to be memorable for years to come!

GamEscape is well-regarded as being easy to book, professional, and spacious with incredible attention to detail. Those who are meticulous about their assessment of the room will have a great time picking through it piece by piece.

Take the time to book now and know you’re going to have a wonderful time in the escape room.

Whether it is friends coming together for a birthday party or a corporate event to bond, this is the ultimate option in Liverpool.

To get started, call in and reserve a room for your 60 minutes of ultimate fun!

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