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FACT Liverpool

FACT Picturehouse

Enjoy a highly technical and impressive cinema experience at Picture House at FACT in Liverpool. Films are even better when you are sitting in a comfortable seat in the stadium-style setting. The sound is provided in THX for a lifelike movie that will take you to somewhere extraordinary.

Films are screened in digital projection at 700 mm and 35 mm. The facilities are ready for you to use to for your own film or video presentations. You can even use PowerPoint for a visual experience at a meeting you host at Picturehouse.

The Box is one room that can at once be a 50-seat screen space or an event space. It holds up to 80 persons. Phone Picturehouse to obtain a custom quote for use of this or any other projection facility or auditorium.

Besides this, the cinema is just like any other in that you can purchase food and drinks prior to showtime or during intermission. If you join as a member you are entitled to 10 percent off any food or drinks. As a member, you also get discounts on every ticket you purchase. There is even a program that allows you to earn free tickets.

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